PBS screening of The Collaborator and
His Family August 5

Posted on 07.24.12

Ibrahim’s motivation had always been ideological; he wasn’t in it for the money. Forced to flee his native land under an imminent threat of death, Ibrahim escapes to Israel and lives in Tel Aviv alone for seven years while his wife and children stayed behind in the Palestine Occupied Territory, suffering the reflected shame of Ibrahim’s reputation as a traitor. When Hamas tries to recruit Ibrahim’s eldest son Mohammad to be a Palestinian spy, Ibrahim realizes that the threat of retribution endangers his entire family, and orders them to flee. Under cover of night, the family leaves the Palestinian city of Hebron and escapes to Tel Aviv.

Within hours, the sons and their mother are refugees in a foreign land; whisked away from everything they once knew and transported to a place where nobody wants them. With no legal status in Israel and constantly under threat of deportation back to Palestine, where their lives are in danger, Ibrahim's three sons Mahmud (12), Sufian (16), and Muhammad (17) and their mother, Yusra pay the heaviest price for the Ibrahim's covert actions, branded with a scarlet letter through no fault of their own.

They attempt to cope and assimilate to Israeli society and keep their family together, while suffering the humiliation and loneliness of outcasts in a country not their own.

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