Fascinating! Compelling . . . for anyone who wants movies to mean something. Directors Barash and Shatz do a brilliant job!


Superior! An insightful documentary.


[4 & 1/2 Stars] One of the year's must see films! An engrossing and brilliantly insightful production . . . Excellent.


A stark, vérité look at 90 long days aboard a gem-mining trawler in southern African waters. A fascinating socio-anthro slice [and] expertly edited chronicle.


This fascinating and powerful slice of life [is] a classic inside, vérité look at the way we have divided the world. [The] filmmakers brilliantly succeed in making the characters come across as human beings.

DOX Magazine

Once in a while you encounter something and know it's exceptional, not a shadow not a duplicate... Diamonds and Rust is such a case.


Diamonds aren't everyone's best friend. Diamonds and Rust is a raw, absorbing documentary that exposes the frightening racism in the jewel trade

Independent Film Channel

Diamonds and Rust approaches its subject with a spontaneous energy that illustrates rather than preaches. It is as though Do the Right Thing were transplanted to the boat in Werner Herzog's Aguirre, Wrath of God . . . Diamonds and Rust exemplifies what documentaries can and should be. These filmmakers have put a subject on display, actively engaging the viewer all the way to the brilliant final shot.

The Independent

Adi Barash's all-too-real documentary Diamonds and Rust (Israel) proves that apartheid is alive and well on the deck of a trawler sucking the resources, not to mention the soul, out of the Namibian coast. The white ship officers' hostility to the crew of color extends to the filmmakers, who endured a hellish season onboard.


Diamonds and Rust is an unbridled look at the sweaty male work characterized by casual racism, sexual frustration and lack of privacy.

The Sunday Times

The jury is pleased to present a Golden Gate Award to "Diamonds and Rust" for its candid and unflinching portrayal of off shore diamond miners in southern Africa. Employing skillful cinema verité techniques, the filmmakers were successful in making the dynamics, tensions, frustrations and oppression palpable and real to the viewer.

Golden Gate Award Jury Statement

Diamonds and Rust shatters romantic fantasies about the glamour of the diamond... This is a movie about a group of men trying to make a living while being used and trampled by a giant conglomerate...

Ha'aretz Newspaper

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